• Alpina Milk Caramel Spread 17.6 oz

Sweeten your life in just one taste with the irresistibly creamy consistency of the spoonable or spreadable Dulce de Leche. The perfect dessert!

  • Ideal for: Those moments where cravings are winning, perfect for pancakes, pretzels, toasts, brownies, ice cream and more. Dulce de Leche Alpina will provide a delicious recipe in a spreadable and spoonable experience to mix with other foods.
  • Endless uses: Dulce De Leche Alpina is a traditional Latin American caramel sauce made from milk and sugar and is usually used to prepare amazing desserts. Dulce de Leche Alpina or cajeta perfect to curb sweet cravings. 
  • Amazing to spread: Dulce de Leche Alpina is a creamy and spoonable dulce de leche, perfect for spreading on delicious paired foods like cookies, bread, fruits, desserts, or cheese, giving you the best possible indulgent experience.
  • Made of tradicion: Moms, dads and kids love it. We remember our mom spreading what we loved on everything.

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Alpina Milk Caramel Spread 17.6 oz

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