Our shipping days are Mondays and Tuesdays to guarantee that our products are in transit from Monday to Friday, since UPS does not work during the weekend. In some rare cases, we will ship on Wednesday if the delivery address is close enough to us geographically that it will be delivered no Thursday or Friday; shipping on Wednesday is not guaranteed and should not be expected. If your order does not contain perishables, we will do everything we can to ship it as soon as possible.

We do not ship on the weekends because UPS only works Monday-Friday. If you place an order after 3pm on Monday, your order will be shipped the following day. If you place an order any day from Wednesday to Sunday and it contains perishables, your order will be shipped the following Monday.

The shipping rate selected at checkout indicates the delivery time from the date of shipment, not from the date of purchase.

What should I do when my order arrives?
Please read the instructions on the label of each product. This will indicate the temperature conservation required (fridge or freezer). Chocolates and other candies should be kept in a cool and dry environment.

Where can I track my order?

You will receive an email from UPS once your order ships. You can check with your tracking number on the UPS page or by clicking the link in that email.

Why are some items Out of Stock for such a long time?

Some of our products come from Venezuela and due to the scarcity situation in the country we are affected to not always have certain products. It is not possible to make a purchase when there are items in the shopping cart that are "Out of Stock”. You can get notified when an item is back in stock; there’s a small box for you to leave your name and email and as soon as the item is back in stock you’ll receive an email notifying you!

What makes the shipping price expensive?

We ship the products in an insulated shipping box with gel packs and dry ice to maintain products cold while they are in transit to maintain products fresh. Due to this, shipping prices go up, since the price of packaging and gel packs is included.

Our shipping price depends on the total weight of the items in your order, given that our rates with UPS are established based on weight ranges (example: 1-6 pounds, 7-10 pounds, 10-14 pounds, etc). The shipping rate shown is the base rate that UPS gives us plus the cost of the insulated shipper, gel packs, and dry ice. We don’t make a profit from shipping, we only charge the customer what UPS charges us.

Where are the products shipped from?

Our products are shipped from our warehouse in Fairfax, Virginia.

Can I sell my products in Antojitos de tu Pais?

We are constantly looking for new products to add to our catalog. If your product is made in Venezuela or represents some aspect of Venezuelan culture, contact us at to discuss the details.

How can I contact a member of your team?

To contact us, you can write us by email to or you can call us from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.

Do you ship your products to Europe?

Currently we only ship within the continental United States.

How do you guarantee that the products will arrive fresh to my destination?

To ensure that your order arrives in perfect condition, our products are shipped in a Styrofoam container with dry ice or gel packs. It is normal for the dry ice to have dissipated during shipping. Use protective gloves to handle dry ice, or allow it to dissipate on its own. Avoid contact with bare skin. Our shipment days are Monday and Tuesday to guarantee that our products are in transit on business days. 

If you place an order Wednesday-Sunday containing perishables, it will be shipped the following Monday. 

I live in the DC Metro area. Can I pick up my order in person? 

Yes. You can pick up your order in Fairfax, Virginia, or come shop directly at our store. Our address is 3160 Spring Street, Unit B, Fairfax, Virginia 22031. We are open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm, and Saturday from 9am-4pm. We are no longer receiving orders for pick up at Union Market. 

Can you ship to P.O. Boxes?

Unfortunately, all shipments require a street address.